MCNA YMj Journey Through the Quran 2021

4/10/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
4/11/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
4/17/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
4/18/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
4/24/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
4/25/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
5/1/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
5/2/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
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We hope to connect our youth with the Quran in a fun interactive way. We will be going through selected Surahs and verses (see list below). Kids will learn importance and explanation of particular surah or verse. The speakers will also focus on attributes of Allah in the Surah and highlight practical lessons learned such as "how to apply the knowledge of the name of Allah in our life and use these names in our duas". In Sha Allah

Tuition assistance is available and nobody is turned down due to inability to pay. No questions asked.
It will be an engaging and interactive program, so join us weekly, starting on April 10th to make the most of this blessed month In Sha Allah. Kahoot quiz will be included in each class

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