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SubhanAllah AMAZING program!! May Allah reward all those behind it. Ameen! Absolutely LOVE the instructor's enthusism .. her energy is contagious SubhanAllah. My daughter learned so much and had LOADS of fun in the process Alhumdulillah. Eagerly looking forward to the next sessions InshaAllah.

Parent Testimonial

Thank you so much for making this Virtual Halaqah available! My children LOVED your Ramadan courses and are looking forward to this!

Parent Testimonial

I would like to thank MCNA team for your commendable job for keeping our kids busy in guidance of Islam. The program is so engaging and well organized MashaAllah.

Parent Testimonial



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MCNA Monthly Free PrimeTime - Dawah with Jesus (a) MCNA YMj & ICNA Sisters present FREE Monthly PrimeTime
Topic: Dawah with Jesus (a)
A Muslim Kid's Guide to Presenting Islam

Join us as we discuss Jesus (a) during our next PrimeTime. Living in the west, December is a month all about Christmas and Jesus (a). However, it comes as a surprise to most non-muslims that Muslims cherish Jesus (A) as well and his mention in the Quran is unknown by most. Rarely is the Muslim perspective on Jesus (a) heard. As Muslims, we hold a very special place for him as he is honored and praised by Allah and the high status of his mother, Mary is also mentioned in the Quran. What are the important aspects of his life that we should present? How should Muslim kids present this and Islam in general to their non Muslims peers and teachers? Come find out the answers to these questions and much more on December 15th In Sha Allah.

About the Speaker
Speaker: Br. Sabeel Ahmed 
Br. Sabeel Ahmed is the Executive Director of the GainPeace Project, an outreach project of ICNA. As a director of GainPeace, Br. Sabeel's aim is to bring out the commonalities and build bridges between people of various faith, races, and nationalities and share the beautiful faith of Islam with our fellow Americans. After completing his medical education from the Carribean, he decided to dedicate his time as a full-time (daee) educator of Islam to tackle Islamophobia and to convey the peaceful message of Islam. He is married with three children and resides with his family in Morton Grove, IL, USA.

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12/15/20207:00pm EST1 hour


Sahaba (RA) Series