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Muslim Children of North America is the children’s Division of ICNA Sisters, catering to the development and instruction  of  kids 6 years to 14 years of age. Our older age group 11-14 years of age, is called YMj or Young Muslim Junior.


MCNA conducts weekly, biweekly and monthly in person classes all over the United States in over 100 locations, offering Islamic learning as well as various Competitions, Outreach activities, Community services, Summer programs, Ramadan Sessions, Talent Shows, Field trips, Coding Classes, Robotics, Awards and trophies and much more.


Moreover MCNA presents many Online Programs like monthly Prime Time, Virtual Halaqa , Book Club, Coding Classes, YMj Online courses, and Journey through Quran Sessions in Ramadan.


Our Companion magazine offers a platform to budding writers to express themselves, sharing their stories, poems, essays, recipes, riddles and much more.


MCNA partners up with other organizations like ICNA Relief, HHRD,  YM, Whyislam and Gainpeace etc. to bring various other programs, campaigns and competitions throughout the year.


We seek to produce Well rounded kids with Balanced Personalities, Good Etiquettes, High Morals and Leadership Skills.


Would you like to be a part of our MCNA Family?

MCNA started out in the late 90s by few ICNA Sisters. We began as a class for Muslim kids in a New Jersey home with  20 to 30 kids. Alhamdolillah now, in-person classes are conducted  over 16 States, 65 Cities and over 100 locations, held in several local Masajid, Schools, Libraries and Private locations.


Who named MCNA? A Competition was held amongst the kids, and “Muslim Children of North America” was decided as the winning name.


Our Companion Magazine started out as a column in Noor magazine by ICNA sisters called “Noori Column”, where our kids would write to express themselves. Later on a separate Newsletter was created for MCNA kids, which eventually became “Companion Magazine”. 


Alhamdolillah now MCNA offers many diverse In-person and Online  Programs and opportunities for kid’s learning, engagement, progress and self-expression.

MCNA is a pioneering national children’s organization that caters to the instruction and development of Muslim children in North America. It seeks to educate young Muslims to be the leaders of tomorrow. MCNA brings Muslim children of all backgrounds together to learn about Islam, helping them tackle real-life concerns and offering support in living as dedicated young Muslims.


MCNA nurtures Muslim children by conducting weekly classes, speech and essay competitions, prime time book clubs. summer programs,  outreach activities and much more, thereby   encouraging leadership skills, Islamic awareness, and community involvement. MCNA students aim to be Muslims who will effectively work to please Allah, identify themselves through Islam and make a better society at large.

To encourage a sense of service to society, to teach Islam in relevance to our day and age, and to develop Islamic values in Muslim children so that they can become beneficial future leaders, who will work together as a part of the community to please Allah.

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