A magazine for kids by the kids. A bi-annual publication of MCNA for children 6 and up. Packed with informative articles, interesting stories, fun-filled activities and games, and so much more.

Inspiring young readers to be better Muslims, considerate family members , productive and thoughtful members of the community. Offering a unique package for Muslim kids by introducing them to the tools and resources required to succeed in both Deen and Duniya.

Our goal is to provide a national platform to emerging writers among the Muslim youth while imparting a knowledge-based fun magazine that can reach Muslim households all across North America.


Would you like your work to be published?

Send us your submissions, articles , short stories, poems, games, riddles, jokes etc. according to Our theme of the Issue in sha Allah. You can email us your work at companion@icna.org or you can upload it at using the form below.


Note:  Please zip your files into a .zip file before sending. Thanks.

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